This section includes details on a number of models - the fact that they don't have their own page does not mean that they are any less important or successful than the ones that do - simply we don't have enough data/pictures on them. If we manage to get hold of enough material for a particular girl she will get her own page - so don't blame us for favoring some models over others. We would be especially glad if the models themselves or their agents contacted us and supply us with the data - it would save us a lot of money too.

Tatiana Nikiforova (above left and in the left pic) is with Elite NY - she was one of the 1994 "Model Look" international final Russian contestants, along with Natalia Semanova and Paulina Tacheva.  She was recently seen on the cover of Canadian magazine FLARE - the left pic is an early agency publicity pic


The girls on the above  photo are: From left, Irina Bondarenko (featured elsewhere in this site), Maria Bitaeva, Elena Lyandres and a very young Natalia Semanova, who was the 1994 Look winner. This photo is probably from the 1995 Moscow Look final - Irina , Maria, Elena and Daria Ptitsina, in pics below, represented Russia in the Seoul international final

Right, a  more recent photo of Elena Lyandres - she was also on the cover of Russian magazine "Karavan" in early 1999

A more recent pic of Maria Bitaeva - she has grown a lot taller and looks very different now than in earlier photos - she is also on a recent "Karavan" cover page

In the left, a  recent photo of Daria Ptitsina, one of the four finalists in the 1995 Look final -photo is from late July 1999 - she is with Elite Paris


Two  more pics of Daria Ptitsina - early agency  publictity ones


Left, Tatiana Suvorova, the second Russian girl along with Olga Otrokhova (featured elsewhere in this site) in the 1996 Model Look


The two girls in the pics above are Elena Buneeva ( in the 1997 final and in a publicity pic) and Liza Shmakova (publicity pic), winners of the 1997 Model Look Moscow contest.

The only Russian - speaking finalist in the 1997 international Look final was Alina Shilak, representing Belarus. The early b/w photo is from the time she was with the Tamara agency in Minsk, Belarus. In the photo below, Alina in the 1997 final. On the right, a recent phot of Alina in Moscow - she is now with 'Red Stars'

On the left, a pic of Kristina from a Russian Elle editorial - she is with Paris agency 'Idole'.

Another two interesting girls - from the 98 international Model Look final, on the left - Ukrainian Lessya Oprichko and on the right, Tatiana Kovilina from Russia - more specifically Tatarstan.


This is Angelica Boss -originally from Yekaterinebourg, Russia. She has been around for a number of years and and is a regular in Paris/NY catwalks and has appeared in quite a few editorials in Elle and elsewhere

On the right, a new name who seems to be a favorite of  photographer S. Meisel and Vogue magazine - she is Marleen Berkova 


In the two pics  - Julia Visgalina, seen  in  Russian ELLE

 In the pic above - Lidia Yegorova  has appeared in a number of western high-end fashion magazines recently - she has a  twin sister, Alessandra -on her right - who also models.

A lot of noise was generated in early 1999 regarding Colette Pechekonova  -   in a pic  from a German Vogue ed,  below right

More of Lidia Yegorova in the these two pics - the one in the left is from a Russian Vogue cover

In the pic above -Irina Pantaeva - she did the Pirelli calendar in 1996, and she probably has the most publicity of any ex-USSR model - in the USA at least - she also had a role in the movie "Mortal Combat II" and has a few non-fashion realated projects in mind

 In the two pics to the left, another one of the Russian girls popular in New York in early 1999 - said to be favored by photographer S. Meisel - Audrey Tchekova

In the two pics on the left - Larissa Ivanova

In the two pictures left and below left - Ludmilla Isaeva - Malakova


The two blonds are of course Karen Mulder and Ingrid Seynhaeve - the lady on the left is Larissa Bondarenko (not to be confused with Irina Bondarenko), who has been a recent "Model of the month"


Ukrainian Onega Ponomarenko on the right  - her  Elite Milan publicity photo above

She appears  in a recent  Helena Rubinstein cosmetics campaign - Natalia Boykova

In the pic below, Tatiana Sorokko, one of the more well known Russian models in the US

Yulia Orlova - third in the Moscow Model Look 1998, she is now with Elite Milan. On the right, a recent photo of her - below a photo of her after the 1998 Moscow final - below right, her publicity pic from Elite Milan

Ukrainian Olga Kurylenco from a French Elle beauty section on the left - another pic of her from a US Glamour ed below left

Zanna Daskova in an early pic - she was reported to be the new Castelbajac girl

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